HIKARU Pearl represents handmade pearl accessories with mainly freshwater Pearl. It is known for beautiful natural pastel colours, asymmetric shapes and variety of sizes. These irregular shape, which gives them a unique and precious charm. I am fascinated by these original and unique style, I finally launch to make my jewellery to show you.

Beautiful pearls are found in various oceans and lakes around the world in history. The combination of period and place, no two pearls would be the same. Their elegant colors and luster normally depend on the oysters in which they are born and the environment they formed within. The each pearl is elegantly unique.

During these ten years, I have been collecting unique and precious pearls and parts in many countries, and have kept carefully one by one until now. I carefully choose and assemble these beautiful pearls and parts one by one, so each jewellery will be only one in the world. The product one by one is limited and fragile since all pieces are handmade by myself only. 

 I try to share with you the value of handmade creations, and small entrepreneurs. It means that while I will always do everything by myself to make jewellery,  my creation sometimes might be a bit delayed. Also the design of products often changes and never the same in long period.  For those of you that do understand and continue to support my small brand, thank you so much! 

VOGUE 2022 November
Jewellery designer profile

The World of Interiors
November 2022
House & Garden
Design issue, Octorber 2022
The World of Interiors
Octorber 2022



The World of Interiors, House & Garden 2022

Hikaru Pearl is featured in the magazine of VOGUE UK, The World of Interiors and House& Garden UK by Conde Nast in summer, autumn and winter 2022 edition. You can see a couple of different designs of HIKARU Pearl creations. 

Thank you so much for your support for one women small business❤︎